What areas are covered by the draft Local Development Plan?

    The draft Local Development Plan (LDP) applies to the street block bound by Roberts Road, Rokeby Road, Hay Street and Catherine Street. It does not apply to the Pavilion Market site on the corner of Roberts Road and Rokeby Road, which is subject to a separate LDP and has planning approval for three new buildings, including a 24 storey tower adjacent to Seddon Street.


    What is the draft Local Development Plan, and where does it fit within the Planning Framework?

    Note: The draft LDP has been prepared in a manner that is consistent with the State Government’s incoming Precinct Design Guidelines (SPP 7.2).

    How has the community been involved in the preparation of this plan so far?

    • The preparation of the draft LDP was informed by preliminary engagement with stakeholders including landowners, businesses and nearby local residents. 
    • Initial phone or face-to-face meetings explained the project and provided an opportunity for stakeholders to share any initial thoughts. 
    • Three stakeholder workshops were held in which the vision, design concept, and movement network were discussed. The draft LDP was presented and discussed at the final workshop.
    • The wider community had an opportunity to contribute to the vision and design concept through two listening posts held at the Regal Theatre and the Subiaco train station respectively.

    How could the Local Development Plan (LDP) affect me?

    • This depends on your connection to the Seddon Street precinct, so the LDP could affect different people in different ways.
    • Depending on the location of the land, the LDP will have an impact on what can be developed in the precinct.
    • This might include the height of buildings, their setbacks from boundaries, and the combination of land uses that make up each building.
    • Movement of pedestrians, cyclists and cars through the precinct will be easier and more legible once the plan is implemented.
    • Seddon Street will eventually become a pleasant, pedestrian-friendly environment.

    How does the Local Development Plan (LDP) relate to the Subiaco Activity Centre Plan (SACP)?

    • Once the City has adopted the LDP, it prevails over the SACP to the extent of any inconsistency. 
    • The LDP provides a localised response to how development can be coordinated within the precinct to achieve community benefits, such as consolidated movement network and vehicle access points, pedestrian and cyclist friendly space, and an activated public realm.
    • You can read the Subiaco Activity Centre Plan here (37MB).

    How does the Local Development Plan (LDP) relate to the R-Codes Volume 2?

    • The LDP has to be read in conjunction with the R-Codes Volume 2.
    • The LDP proposes to amend or replace specific aspects of the R-Codes Volume 2 to respond to the local context relevant to the Seddon Street Precinct.
    • The LDP provides that relevant provisions of the R-Codes apply to all development, including residential, mixed use and non-residential development. This ensures consistency across the precinct for matters such as façade design, public domain interface, landscaping etc.
    • The approval of the Western Australian Planning Commission is needed for some of the matters proposed to be amended. Approval will be sought after the draft LDP has been advertised for public comment and endorsed by Council.

    How does the Local Development Plan (LDP) respond to the nearby heritage listed buildings?

    • The two-storey building height along Catherine Street is maintained. Any taller building element is required to be setback 15m from Catherine Street.
    • The two-storey building element along portion of Hay Street opposite the Subiaco Hotel is maintained to reflect the existing contributory buildings within the Rokeby Road and Hay Street Heritage Area.
    • The height and scale of the buildings along Rokeby Road reflects the existing streetscape and provides an appropriate response to the Rokeby and Hay Street Heritage Area.
    • A Heritage Impact Assessment has been prepared as one of the background reports to support the LDP.

    What is proposed for the Seddon Street public realm?

    • The design for the Seddon Street public realm has not been finalised and is not part of this Local Development Plan.
    • It is intended that Seddon Street becomes a shared space with a pedestrian focus that can be used for events and markets and provides a pleasant environment with seating, shade, trees, and public art.

    How do I make a submission on the draft Local Development Plan?

    At the City of Subiaco we encourage community involvement to help inform our decision making.

    1. Read the draft Local Development Plan and Context and Technical Analysis.
    2. Complete the online survey submission form
    3. Ask a question on the Q and A tool.
    • You can also provide a submission in writing:
    1. In person at the Administration Centre at 241 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
    2. By mail addressed to: Chief Executive Officer, City of Subiaco, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904
    3. By emailing city@subiaco.wa.gov.au


    Please include your full name and address and ensure your submission reaches us by 5pm on 19 February 2021.

    What happens once the consultation period closes?

    • The City will collate and analyse all submissions received on the draft Local Development Plan.
    • The draft document will then be reviewed based on the submissions and comments received, and modifications and refinements can be made.
    • The final draft Local Development Plan will be referred to Council for adoption at a future Council Meeting; Council can adopt the draft Local Development Plan with or without further changes, or not adopt the draft document.
    • If Council chooses to adopt draft document, a notice will be published in a local newspaper at which time they become operational, with the exception of those aspects of the LDP requiring the approval of the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).
    • The City will seek approval from the WAPC for the proposed amendments to the R-Codes that require State Government approval.
    • Once a decision from the WAPC has been received the document will be updated.

    How will the Local Development Plan be implemented?

    If Council adopts the draft Local Development Plan, any development applications received will be assessed against the Local Development Plan.

    Who can I contact if I’d like further information?

    1. by email: city@subiaco.wa.gov.au or
    2. call 9327 9222 to ask questions or to organise an appointment