Questions about draft Urban Forest Strategy

    What is an urban forest?

    Urban forest is a population of trees and vegetation growing within an urban setting for the purpose of improving the liveability of that urban setting whilst providing social, economic and environmental benefits to the community as a whole

    Why do we need a strategy?

    To maintain, preserve and protect our urban forest we face many challenges. Some of these include:
    • pathogen management
    • public perception and perceived risks
    • limited influence on private land
    • competing priorities with utility providers
    • changing urban environmental conditions
    • ongoing budget constraints
    • climate change including temperature changes and water availability
    • available space to plant
    • requirement to increase urban density

    In order to appropriately address these issues and challenges, it is crucial that the city establish a holistic urban forest strategy to guide in the planned, systematic and integrated approach to managing City of Subiaco's urban forest. 

    Where can I view the draft Urban Forest Strategy?

    The draft Urban Forest Strategy is available to view electronically in the project's document library [link]. Hard copies are also available to view at the City of Subiaco Administration Centre.

    The city will also host a information stall at Subiaco Farmer's Market on DATE where your questions can be answered directly by the Operations and Environment staff. There will also be a draft Urban Forest Strategy presentation and a chance for questions at the City of Subiaco Administration Centre (241 Rokeby Road) on DATE.

    What are the objectives of the draft strategy?

    City of Subiaco is known for its green appearance and many leafy streets and parks. The draft Urban Forest Strategy outlines 11 key objectives that aim to maintain and protect the city's urban forest.


    • preserve and protect the city’s urban forest
    • mitigate loss of canopy from urban infill
    • maintain the high standard of the city’s urban forest
    • increase the urban forest canopy
    • improve soil health
    • improve onsite infiltration of water
    • implement a replacement program for senescent trees
    • improve resilience and species diversity
    • reduce heat island effects/hot spots
    • adapt to the changing needs of public open space
    • educate our community

    When will the final version be released?

    The three week community consultation period closes on 9 July 2018. Feedback and suggestions will be reviewed, updates made and the final draft will go before council for adoption in July 2018

    From there it is hoped that the adopted Urban Forest Strategy will be available on the city's website for download in August 2018. 

Questions about your feedback

    What will council do with the feedback from this consultation?

    All feedback collected will be collated and we will consider all submissions when shaping the final document.

    I've half completed my online survey but want to take a break. If I close my computer will I lose my work so far?

    In a multi-page survey (which the draft Urban Forest Strategy survey is) the system saves up to the previous page. For example if you have completed pages 1 and 2 then click ‘save and continue’ and close your computer, next time you load the page the survey will open to page 3.

    What happens with the data I enter on Have Your Say Subiaco?

    Have Your Say Subiaco is an engagement platform managed by the City of Subiaco with Engagement HQ software provided by Bang the Table. Bang the Table are an Australian based online community engagement and public participation provider. Have Your Say Subiaco is hosted in Australia and all responses are kept on Bang the Table’s Australian servers in Sydney. 

    Any data collected via Have Your Say Subiaco is provided to the City of Subiaco exclusively and not shared with any other external company. The data is kept on the server as long as the City of Subiaco works with Bang the Table, on completion of the city’s contract with Bang the Table all data is removed from Bang the Table’s server and destroyed.