What is the SubiPOP Public Realm Upgrade and why is the City undertaking this project.

    Extensive public engagement for the City of Subiaco Place Plan 2019-2022 showed that the community wants more:

    • Places to sit and connect
    • Playful moments
    • Activation and vibrancy in the town centre.

    The City of Subiaco is committed to implementing this feedback through improving the spaces at:

    • Postal Walk, which links Rokeby Road and the Park Street car park
    • Forrest Walk, the widest of Subiaco's iconic laneways
    •  Station Walk, the plaza directly to the north of Subiaco Train Station.

    Collectively, these improvements make up the SubiPOP (Public Open Places) Public Realm Upgrade.

    SubiPOP will elevate the amenity, access and design of these three spaces. The design of these spaces could provide opportunities to increase the comfort of the public space by providing regular rest and seating stops; shade, wind and rain protection; solar access and outdoor social opportunities. 

    What is proposed for the SubiPOP public realm upgrades?

    That is up to the community, but to get your creative juices flowing you can view the draft concept designs here. These aren’t set in stone, and we want your input now to make sure these are places that work for you.

    How will businesses be affected during the implementation works?

    There will be some unavoidable closures of the spaces during construction, including to alfresco eating. The delivery program will be designed to minimise any impacts to periods of a few weeks.

    Some pedestrian access between the City’s carparks and Rokeby Road may be restricted or diverted.

    How has the local community been involved in this project so far?

    This project is a direct result of the extensive community engagement which informed the City's Place Plan 2019-2022.

    How can I be involved?

    You can provide your feedback by completing the online survey, or come and meet the Place team at one of our Listening Posts:

    • Saturday 15 January 2022, 9am to 12pm, Subiaco Farmer's Market
    • Monday 17 January 2022, 11am to 2pm, Station Walk
    • Wednesday 19 January 2022, 11am to 2pm, Forrest Walk
    • Saturday 22 January 2022, 8am to 12pm, Postal Walk

    You can also ask a question or provide your feedback by email to city@subiaco.wa.gov.au or
    by mail addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Subiaco, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904.

    The closing date for submissions is 5pm on 9 February 2022.

    What happens once the consultation period closes?

    The City will consider all feedback provided to create a coherent design solution for all three sites. This will then be taken to Council for approval before construction works begin.