I'd prefer not to provide feedback online. Can I give feedback another way?

    Yes, absolutely. You can collect hard copy versions of the surveys from the City of Subiaco Administration Centre, 241 Rokeby Road, Subiaco.

    Alternatively, give us a call on 9237 9222 and we’ll post a copy of the feedback form out to you.

    Hard copy feedback forms can be returned a number of ways:

    • Drop it off to the City of Subiaco Administration Centre
    • Mail it to Subiaco East Precinct Parking Management, City of Subiaco, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904
    • Scan and email it to city@subiaco.wa.gov.au

    Why does the proposed parking plan not impose restrictions or the need to pay on weekends?

    Post AFL, the city is conscious of the need to welcome a new set of visitors to the City, possibly those that have typically stayed away because of the football.  It is felt that after the hustle and bustle of weekday activity, visitors will come to Subiaco and leisurely enjoy its many offerings.

    Will the existing signs managing parking during events at Subiaco Oval be removed?

    Yes, these signs will be progressively removed commencing 20 November 2017.  Anyone will be able to park in your street over the weekend but the impact is anticipated to be minimal in residential precincts but if our predictions are proven to be incorrect we would appreciate your subsequent feedback so that your concerns can be considered.

    How do these changes enhance the City’s parking compliance programme?

    At present the City’s rangers need to walk the length of the street twice to detect non-compliance, the first time to mark the tyres and the second time to see if the vehicle remains parked in that location. The advent of ticket parking and resident only parking will reduce that effort to one walk along the street, simply looking for a valid ticket or a valid permit.

Resident parking FAQs

    Residents: Will I be obliged to pay for parking if my street contains ticket machines?

    No, provided the vehicle in question is displaying either a valid residential parking permit or a visitor parking permit nominating that particular street, neither you nor your visitors will be required to pay for parking or observe the time restrictions in that street. For example, if you live on York Street and your permits nominate York Street as your parking location, you will not be required to pay for parking or observe the time limits when parked in that street.

    Residents: How many parking permits may I be entitled to?

    You may already have an allocation of permits, if not you may be eligible to receive a maximum of three residential permits and two visitor permits. 

    The number of residential permits is determined by the number of cars registered to your address and the number of on-site parking facilities. Regardless of eligibility for residential permits you are entitled to receive two transferable permits to be used by visitors, the second however attracts a fee of $30.00

    Residents: How do I apply for my permits?

    Information, including application forms, is available on the City’s website at www.subicao.wa.gov.au or by contacting the the city on 9237 9222.

    Residents: How do I manage parking by my lawn mowing contractor or cleaner when resident only parking applies?

    Both these services are considered to be visitors and may display a visitor permit allocated to your property.

    Residents: How will I manage larger family and social gatherings that I may have at my home?

    The resident only parking in your street, and need to display permits, will only apply Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm, functions held outside these hours and on weekends will not require your guest to display permits and we anticipate that there will be adequate parking available for your guests during these times. If you are having a mid-week function when the resident only parking applies, the City can offer up to 20 temporary function permits, but you will need to advise us in advance to allow us to get the permits to you in a timely manner.

    Residents: How will Resident Only Parking enhance my access and amenity?

    The parking signs will send a clear message to motorists that parking in your street is intended for residents only (when the restriction prevails).

Commercial and retail FAQs

    Commercial and retail: Will my clients/customers be required to pay for parking in Hay Street.?

    Potentially, yes they will.  The advent of ticket machines does not necessarily equate to exorbitant parking fees, for example, the current proposal will offer the first half hour free.

    Commercial and retail: How will the need to acquire a ticket enhance access to the goods and services my business provides?

    The need to acquire a ticket automatically suggests to your customer that the length of time they can stay in that location is limited and that they must then move away to provide access to your next customer.  Parking management that creates turnover of bays, without the need to be supported by an inefficient compliance process, will enhance access to your goods and services.  In this regard please understand that 100 bays offered for one hour over a nine hour period equates to 900 bays, the longer they are occupied lessons the supply to your business.

    Commercial and retail: At present my staff park in the time controlled streets and relocate their vehicle periodically to avoid overstaying, the proposed parking schemes including Resident Only parking appears to make this more difficult, if not impossible, where will staff park?

    Relocation of the children’s hospital will significantly reduce demand for all day parking in the precinct, freeing up spaces for your staff to store their vehicle whilst attending work.  They may be more remote from your worksite and there may be a need to pay a fee, but it is anticipated that more supply will be available and pricing will be capped to ensure these bays are fully utilised.

    Commercial and retail: Having to acquire and then display a ticket is an inconvenience for my customers and clients?

    This is acknowledged and the City offers several modes pf payment including cash and credit cards.  The city also offers a pay by phone option called EasyPark.  This system obviates the need to display ticket and the parking session can be commenced and terminated by the push of a few buttons on your phone with the added advantage of ensuring they only pay for the parking required to complete their transaction or business.

    Commercial and retail: My business requires deliveries or an opportunity for a quick drop-off or collection of goods, how will this be accommodated?

    None of the existing loading bays will be removed. Current loading zones, and the potential for new loading bays, will be conveniently located throughout the precinct located amongst the time controlled and ticketed bays.  These bays will not require a ticket but will be very short-term stays only.