What is the purpose of the community consultation?

    To seek feedback from local residents, interested community members, community sport clubs and park users about the proposed upgrade of sports floodlighting at Rosalie Park, Shenton Park.

    Why is the City proposing to upgrade the floodlighting at Rosalie Park?

    Rosalie Park is an active green space that is currently utilised by a number of junior and senior sporting clubs during the summer and winter sporting seasons. The park is currently hired regularly by five junior and senior sporting clubs the general community and passive users. 

    The existing sports floodlighting consists of 13 floodlighting poles with older style luminaires. The City has identified the need to upgrade the floodlighting as it is no longer compliant with the Australian Standards. The lighting upgrade will enable the sporting clubs to train and play matches in a safe and more accessible manner.

    What works are being proposed as part of the upgrade?

    The proposed upgrade would remove the existing poles and install new poles and new, more efficient LED luminaires. The new, taller poles will allow the light to be aimed more directly onto the playing areas, therefore reducing light spill onto nearby roads and residences.  The final location of poles will be determined by a site-specific floodlight design.

    The sports floodlighting on the main playing areas would be designed and constructed to meet the Australian Standard for football (all codes) amateur competition (AS2560.2.3) and the Australian Standard for Control of Obtrusive Effects of Outdoor Lighting (AS4282).

    How would the City manage the increased brightness levels of the floodlighting?

    In designing the floodlighting upgrade, the City’s approach will be to minimise the impact of obtrusive light. This includes consideration of design features, such as horizontal positioning and floodlighting types. In circumstances where amenity issues are identified, increased design features will be engaged to minimise potential adverse effects.

    How would the proposed floodlighting be operated?

    The proposed floodlighting would be operated in line with approved bookings made for the park by sporting clubs and groups, in accordance with the City’s existing booking processes. All floodlighting is generally switched off before 9.00pm, however if there are special one-off event bookings the lighting may be required to be on later into the evening.

    When would the works take place?

    If supported, the project would commence in 2021/22, and may take up to two years to complete in a staged approach.

    How would the proposed floodlighting upgrade be funded?

    The proposal has been listed in the City’s Strategic Financial Plan for years 2020/21 to 2022/23. The City will also be seeking funding from the state government’s Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF).

    Who is being consulted on this project?

    The City is consulting the following community stakeholders: 

    • Residents and ratepayers within an immediate radius of Rosalie Park
    • Rosalie Park sporting user groups
    • Passive users and the general community

    Signage has been installed at Rosalie Park to inform the community and passive users.

    How do I provide feedback on the proposal?

    Let us know your feedback about this project via our online submission form. Feedback closes on Sunday 2 August 2020. Hard copy feedback forms can be provided upon request.

    For any queries please contact Recreation Services on 6229 6624 between 9am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

    When is the community consultation period open?

    The community consultation period is open from Monday 6 July to Sunday 2 August 2020.

    What happens next?

    The results of the community consultation will be collated and presented to Council for consideration to progress to the next stage of the project in August 2020. This phase would involve confirming funding arrangements for the project including external grant opportunities.

    Who do I contact for more information on the project?

    Please contact the City's Sport and Recreation Officer on 6229 6624 or via email at recreation@subiaco.wa.gov.au