What are the areas covered by the draft Local Development Plan and the draft Streetscape Masterplan?

    Draft Local Development Plan area

    • The draft Local Development Plan applies to areas zoned Mixed Use R80 with frontage to Rokeby Road between Nicholson Road and Hamersley Road in the City of Subiaco Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS 5). It does not propose any changes to Duke Street.

    Draft Streetscape Masterplan project area

    • The draft Streetscape Masterplan includes the area of Rokeby Road between Bagot Road to the north and Thomas Street to the south.

    What are the draft Local Development Plan and draft Streetscape Masterplan, and where do they fit within the Planning Framework?

    State Government Planning Framework

    • Applies to the entire State of Western Australia or a region.
    • Guides the local planning framework.

    Local Planning Strategy

    • Sets out a town planning vision for the City of Subiaco.
    • Long term planning for 10-15 years.

    Local Planning Scheme (Scheme)

    • Provides the framework for land use, zoning and density at the local area.
    • Content is strictly controlled by State Government.
    • In the City of Subiaco, the current Scheme is Local Planning Scheme No.5 (LPS 5).

    Local Development Plan (LDP)

    • Adds detail to guide assessment and decision-making of planning applications.
    • Coordinates development across a defined area.
    • Used to achieve specific built form outcomes.
    • Does not change the current Mixed Use Zoning and R80 Residential Density Code.
    • Note: The draft LDP has been prepared in a manner that is consistent with the State Government’s incoming Precinct Design Guidelines (SPP 7.2).

    Streetscape Masterplan

    • The Streetscape Masterplan sits outside of the Planning Framework.
    • It is a long-term, comprehensive design strategy that articulates the community's vision for the precinct by guiding infrastructure improvements and renewal.
    • It aims to improve pedestrian amenity and safety for all road users.
    • It focuses on enhancing the character of the Rokeby Road South precinct.

    How has the community been involved in the preparation of these two plans so far?

    • In 2017, Council considered a proposal to install roundabouts at two identified black spot intersections in Rokeby Road South. 
    • In the May 2017 Council meeting, Council rejected the proposal based on community opposition, and resolved for the City to instead undertake an integrated streetscape design process to resolve safety issues.
    • In November 2017, the City received a request from a land owner to amend the City’s former town planning scheme (Amendment No. 35 to TPS 4), which sought to increase the development potential of Rokeby Road South.
    • During the initial public consultation on the proposed scheme amendment, the City received a lot of feedback expressing concern about a range of planning matters.
    • As a result the Council resolved to undertake detailed precinct planning for Rokeby Road South.
    • There has been community involvement in the development of the two plans as follows:

    In preparing the draft Local Development Plan (LDP):

    1. The City engaged Hassell Design Studios to prepare the draft LDP.
    2. Hassell conducted site inspections to gain a deep understanding of the precinct and its context.
    3. Community members participated in an Urban Design Forum in 2018, where a series of development scenarios were tested and a future vision for the precinct established.
    4. The Urban Design Forum and background work carried out by Hassell resulted in the urban analysis and built form study, which in turn influenced the draft LDP.

    In preparing the draft Streetscape Masterplan:

    1. The City engaged place making consultants Place Laboratory to prepare the draft Streetscape Masterplan.
    2. Community members (local residents and business owners) participated in two workshops in 2017 and 2018.
    3. The first workshop was used to establish the key objectives of the masterplan and to discuss streetscape design options.
    4. The resulting draft masterplan was then presented at the second workshop for further refinement.

    Why are the draft Local Development Plan and draft Streetscape Masterplan being considered together?

    • The City of Subiaco is keen to engage the community to progress a holistic plan for the development of the Rokeby Road South precinct.
    • The precinct planning process will result in two documents; one to guide the development of private land, and another to inform the design of the public realm.
    • By facilitating consultation on these projects at the same time, it provides the community with an opportunity to consider the future of the area in a cohesive way.
    • Considering stakeholder interest and input into these two projects together allows the City to plan appropriately for the increased use, vibrancy and growth of this area.

    How could the Local Development Plan (LDP) affect me?

    • This depends on your connection to the Rokeby Road South precinct, so the LDP could affect different people in different ways.
    • Depending on the location of the land, the LDP will have an impact on what can be developed in the precinct.
    • This might include the height of buildings, their setbacks from boundaries, and the combination of land uses that make up each building.

    Does the Local Development Plan (LDP) rezone land or increase density?

    • No - matters relating to zoning, density and infill are dealt with by the local planning strategy and local planning scheme.
    • The LDP provides a localised response to how development can be accommodated in a way that minimises potential impacts on surrounding properties.
    • The LDP aims to accommodate development within the parameters of the current Mixed Use zone and the R80 residential density code.
    • A scheme amendment may be required to implement some aspects of the LDP, such as changes to plot ratio and building height.

    How could the Streetscape Masterplan implementation works affect businesses and residents?

    • While some disruption is expected as construction works take place, the masterplan will be staged in a way to ensure minimal impact on businesses and residents in the area.
    • It is expected that the works will be planned outside of normal business hours to ensure local businesses are not adversely affected by the works, where possible.

    How will existing street parking be affected by the Streetscape Masterplan?

    • There is no intention to reduce parking provision in order to implement the masterplan, but there will be a notable change to the design of the street parking zones.
    • An exception to this could be the conversion of parking spaces to alfresco dining, which would be at the discretion of relevant business owners and subject to requirements of the City’s Outdoor Dining Policy.

    How do I make a submission on the draft Local Development Plan or comment on the draft Streetscape Masterplan?

    At the City of Subiaco we encourage community involvement to help inform our decision making.

    You can also provide a submission or comment in writing:

    • In person at the Administration Centre at 241 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
    • By mail addressed to: Chief Executive Officer, City of Subiaco, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904
    • By emailing city@subiaco.wa.gov.au

    Please include your full name and address and ensure your submission reaches us by 5pm, Friday 20 November 2020.

    What happens once the consultation period closes on Friday 20 November 2020.

    • The City will collate and analyse all submissions received on both the draft Local Development Plan and the draft Streetscape Masterplan.
    • The draft documents will then be reviewed based on the submissions and comments received, and refinements can be made.
    • The final draft documents will be referred to Council for adoption at a future Council Meeting; Council can adopt the draft Local Development Plan and the draft Streetscape Masterplan with or without further changes, or not adopt the draft documents.
    • If Council chooses to adopt either or both the draft documents, a notice will be published in a local newspaper at which time they become operational.
    • If the draft Streetscape Masterplan is adopted, stages one and two are funded in the City’s current capital works program and implementation work on the streetscape upgrades is expected to commence in the 2021/22 financial year.

    How will the Local Development Plan be implemented?

    • If Council adopts the draft Local Development Plan, an amendment may be required to LPS 5 to implement the following aspects of the LDP:
      1. Change the plot ratio provisions to reflect the plot ratio in the LDP
      2. Change the building height provisions to reflect the building height limits of the LDP

    Who can I contact if I’d like further information?