What is public art?

    Public art is a work that is designed or created by an artist and is sited in a visually accessible public location. It can include a broad range of visual art forms including sculpture, painting, multimedia or installation works. The artwork can also be permanent, temporary or ephemeral.

    Public art can broadly be defined as the process of engaging artists’ creative ideas in the public realm. For the purpose of this strategy this definition of public art encapsulates a diverse and flexible scope for public art projects and ensures that developers and funding authorities are not limited in their scope and thinking when considering the possibilities for working with artists.

    How is public art funded?

    The city requires a solid financial base and adequate human resources to implement a well-considered and integrated public art program. The city has adopted a funding model that will position it for a sustainable future. The funding for the Public Strategy will be achieved through a mix of internal and external resources.

    Internal (City of Subiaco)

    Internal funds will be derived from two sources:

      An annual allocation will be placed in the Public Art Fund for the implementation of the Public Art Strategy.

      Major construction projects will be required to include an allocation which will be placed in the Public Art Fund for the provision of public art.

    External sources

    The city will actively encourage and seek funding from external sources including private developer contributions, partnership organisations and grant funding.

    Developer contributions can be by way of providing their own public art projects or be made to the Public Art Fund for use in City of Subiaco projects.

    Do I need to register to participate in the online consultation for this project?

    Yes - although it is a quick process. We would like you to register as we can capture your email address and keep in contact with you throughout the project. Your email and personal details will not be shared with any other third party.

    If you have not previously participated, simply click on the register(External link) button at the top right hand corner of the page.  When prompted, create a screen name and a password of your choice. You will also be asked to provide a valid email address, your age, gender and the location in which you live.

    Please note, your comments will appear under your screen name, allowing you to comment anonymously if you'd prefer.

    If you have previously participated, click on the sign in(External link) button located on the right hand side of the top tool bar and sign in with your screen name and password.

    What happens with my data when I register with Have Your Say Subiaco?

    Have Your Say Subiaco is an engagement platform managed by the City of Subiaco with Engagement HQ software provided by Bang the Table. Bang the Table are an Australian based online community engagement and public participation provider. Have Your Say Subiaco is hosted in Australia and all responses are kept on Bang the Table’s Australian servers in Sydney. 

    Any data collected via Have Your Say Subiaco is provided to the City of Subiaco exclusively and not shared with any other external company. The data is kept on the server as long as the City of Subiaco works with Bang the Table, on completion of the city’s contract with Bang the Table all data is removed from Bang the Table’s server and destroyed.