What is a living stream?

    A living stream is a constructed or retrofitted stormwater conveyance channel that mimics the characteristics (morphology and vegetation) of natural streams. As well as conveying stormwater, they also treat it using physical and biological processes, and they create diverse habitats for wildlife which will become complex ecosystems that support a wide range of plants and animals (Department of Water).

    Where is Cliff Sadlier Reserve?

    Cliff Sadlier Reserve, named after Clifford William King Sadlier V.C. former Subiaco resident and recipient of the Victoria Cross, is a large open parkland located in the suburb of Daglish. It has multiple playgrounds, BBQ/picnic table facilities, a dog agility area and is a popular off-leash park for dog walking.

    What is guiding this project?

    This proposal aligns with the City’s Environmental Plan 2019 to 2023. Particularly Objective Four: Increase flora, fauna and green connections across and beyond the City which has the following action:

    ‘Identify and develop new areas for fauna habitat within parks and reserves. Enhance habitat through appropriate strategies where necessary, for example retained tree hollows, infill planting and constructed nest boxes.’

    What type of wildlife could the living stream potentially attract?

    The living stream can become habitat to a wide range of insects and invertebrates, as well as birds and small lizards. It can also become habitat for various types of frogs, including the Western Banjo Frog (Limnodynastes dorsalis), Slender Tree Frog (Litoria adelaidensis) and the Motorbike Frog (Litoria moorei).

    The stream will support better infiltration of stormwater and contribute to limit the occurrence of stagnant water after rainfall events, therefore limiting the occurrence of mosquitoes in the area.

    Will the living stream be dog friendly?

    During the first few months after the planting works, a conservation fence will be installed around the planting area to protect the newly planted seedlings from all traffic including dogs. 

    When the living stream is established, the fence will be removed and dogs will be able to roam through and around the stream.

    Who will fund this project?

    The project will be jointly funded by the City and the Water Corporation as part of the Drainage for Liveability Program. The City is committed to convert the whole drain system to a living stream and will be undertaken in several stages, focusing first on areas that are subject to worst erosion.

    What is the proposed project timeline?

    Works are anticipated to commence in June 2020.