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What is happening now?

The existing playspace has been removed and where possible, materials have been recycled. The construction of the new playspace is now complete and available for play.

Go to the Theatre Gardens playspace page for more information.

What has happened so far?

Throughout the months of December 2013 and January 2014, the city invited the community to provide feedback to determine the key elements to be included in the new playspace and inform the development of the concept design.

As part of the second stage of the project, the city provided the community with a copy of the final concept design and the opportunity for final feedback to help further refine the detail prior to construction to ensure the concept design met the community's needs.

The feedback was passed on to the project team to inform the development of the concept design of the playspace.

The design was finalised in July 2014 and construction is now complete. 

What does the new playspace look like?

To view photos of the new playspace visit the image gallery here.

What are the next steps?

The city will be hosting an official launch party on Wednesday 1 October 2014.

There will be a range of fun activities for kids between 11am and 1 pm and a short ceremony to launch the new playspace will be presented by the City of Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson at 11:30 am.

Where is Theatre Gardens?

Theatre Gardens is a district park in Subiaco, bounded by Bagot, Hensman and Hamersely roads.

As a district level park, it is larger in size, provides a range of amenities and attracts not only local residents but also visitors from outside Subiaco. The Subiaco Arts Centre is also located within Theatre Gardens.

The new playground is located on the northern side of the park, closest to Bagot Road.

View an aerial image of Theatre Gardens here.

How can I ask a question about the new Theatre Gardens playspace?

There are a couple of ways you can ask any questions you may have about the new Theatre Gardens playspace.

Send us an email with your inquiry to

Alternatively, give us a call on 9237 9222 and ask to speak to a staff member about the new Theatre Gardens playspace.

What is the Playspace Strategy and how does it relate to this project?

The Playspace Strategy, endorsed by Council at its meeting on 23 April 2013, provides a framework and guiding principles for the planning of the city's playspaces, to ensure they are appropriate and support the development needs of children and young people.

The strategy incorporates evidence-based objectives and principles generated from available peer-reviewed research and current good practice in playspace design and planning. Using criteria relating to the key components of good play spaces, the existing playspaces within the city's boundaries were assessed for their accessibility and capacity to provide diverse play experiences.

The Playspace Strategy is intended to be used as a community engagement tool to be applied to playspace planning and design in parks and public green spaces within the city.

With that in mind, we encourage you to have a look at the Playspace Strategy.

Where did the budget coming from for this project?

The funds for this project came from the city's Capital Improvements Program. Funds were set aside to accommodate infrastructure and facilities improvements.

What has happen to the existing play equipment?

The materials from the previous play equipment have been recycled where possible.

Where is the new playspace be located?

The new playspace is located in the same area as the existing play equipment, but is now a larger playspace and more spread out, rather than all concentrated in the one location.